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Here you can find information about updates.

19/06/07 I've added 2 wonderful pictures a la "manga" by Juliette Capulette ! You must see them! :)
You can also look through new wallpapers by Yukka! Musical Romeo et Juliette' and musical 'Notre-Dame de Paris'.

25/05/07 I added new wallpapers by Juliette Capulette!
The part links is updated. Links to sites that are closed, were deleted, but some new links were added. For details - look through the part links!

09/05/07 Today is a day of the Great Victory! I wish everybody only a peaceful sky above your heads, and let never be war conflicts!
Yukka has sent some new wallpapers to the musical Romeo et Juliette, and also one new wallpaper to the musical Notre-Dame de Paris! Today there is also a replenishment in the collection of wallpapers by T@nushk@. The 4th page with her wallpapers has been just opened!

26/04/07 Today you can look through new wallpapers by T@nushk@!

08/04/07 I congratulate everybody on a light day of Easter!
Today you can download new wallpapers by Yukka! Musical Romeo et Juliette' and musical 'Notre-Dame de Paris'.
T@nushk@ has also sent her new wallpapers. They are here!
I've created in Creativity new pages with wallpapers to the muscal 'Notre-Dame de Paris', which I've taken from gallery. I think they will suit Creativity better, and wallpapers are now sorted by author. Here are links: Julia Vidanova, Olga Sivakova, Soleil.

01/04/07 How quickly flies the time! Yet, 1-st of April has come! By the way, I congratulate everybody on international day of birds, and also on day of laugh! =) I wish you as much smiles, happiness and happy moments in your life as possible!!
Now, let's proceed to updates! =)
Today new translation of the song Condamnes from the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris" by Abdulin Yevgeniy has been added. Thus, a literary translation of the musical is almost done!!!
A new author is in Creativity - Yukka. She's sent her wallpapers, musical "Romeo et Juliette".
I almost forgot, from today the site has more than 400 pages!!!!

17/03/07 Today new wallpapers and images by T@nushk@ and Juliette Capulette. Have a good time! =))

04/03/07 I congratulate everybody on the First day of Spring and girls on the coming Women's day! =)))
Today you can download new wallpapers and images by T@nushk@ and Juliette Capulette. You can also find a new picture by Juliette Capulette.
By the way, the collection of Juliette Capulette's works has become so huge, that you can look through all her wallpapers now on 4 pages, and her pictures are now on two pages!
Details, as always, are in creativity! Have a good time! =))

25/02/07 New wallpapers and pictures by T@nushk@, you can also read her new Russian translations of songs from the musical "Romeo et Juliette".
You must at least look through wallpapers and 2 new wonderful pictures by Juliette Capulette!
Again thanks to Juliette Capulette the collection of photos of the Asian casting of the musical "Romeo et Juliette" has widened!

03/02/07 Ufff, the midyear is behind! But an update's waiting for you! =)
New wallpapers by Dezir were added; you can find new photos of Patrick Fiori (Phoebus in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris"), and of Cecilia Cara (Juliette in the musical "Romeo et Juliette"), photos also sent by Dezir!
Juliette Capulette has found a lot of new photos of the asian casting of "Romeo et Juliette". Look here. =)

16/01/07 I congratulate everybody on all passed holidays!
Today new wallpapers and pictures by Juliette Capulette, also, new Russian translations of the songs from the musical 'Romeo et Juliette' ('Les rois du monde','La mort de Mercutio'), sent by T@nushk@ were added! On the site you can find links to the clips to 'Romeo et Juliette', made by Dezir.
Now you can find a lot of new photos of the performers of the musical 'Romeo et Juliette' - from asian ( Part 1, Part 2), and also, russian ( Part 1, Part 2) castings! They've been sent by Juliette Capulette, huge merci to her for that!!! =))
P.S. The part creativity has been remade, on my opinion, it's become more functional now!
Good luck to everybody!

31/12/06 Today is a special update! But why?! Because today is the last day of the year 2006! I want to congratulate everyone on the coming holidays, I want to wish all of you happiness, luck and reaching all of your set goals! I'd like you to have as much love and pleasure in the New Year as possible! To those, who send their works to this site I'd like to wish a lot of inspiration and let your muse never go!
Well, now updates! There are a lot of them today!!! =)) We'll begin from the new wallpapers to the musical "Romeo et Juliette" by Juliette Capulette. By tradition they are here. I'd like to add that these wallpapers are designed in a special, "New Year" style! What an interesting decision!! =)
I express a huge gratitude to Juliette Capulette for finding and sending very rare photos of the Asian casting of the musical Romeo et Juliette! They are in the part called photos.
In Creativity you can find very beautiful wallpapers by Dezir! You should look through them! =))
T@nushk@ has sent her Russian translation of the songs "Le chant de l'Alouette", "La demande en marriage", "La mort de Romeo", "Duo du desespoir" from the musical Romeo et Juliette. Thanks to her! =)
To sum up, I' d like to say a HUGE-HUGE-HUGE THANKS to EVERYBODY who sent their works to the site and who visited my site! I hope to see all of you here in the next year!


26/11/06 Today you can look through 4 new wonderful wallpapers to the musical "Romeo et Juliette" made by Juliette Capulette. You can download them here; all works by Juliette Capulette, I remind you, are in Creativity.
Recently I've checked my site on bugs and I've discovered that some links to the photos of Bruno Pelletier didn't work. I corrected all the wrong links! =))

17/11/06 New wonderful pictures by Juliette Capulette and 1 new wallpaper also by Juliette Capulette were added!

09/11/06 Hello!!! During the passed week a lot of important things occured in my life - I went to a long-awaited AIESEC conference (details are at my livejournal) and I became 18! =)))
Well, now updates! I added one new picture by Juliette Capulette, and 5 new wallpapers by her also! Enjoy!

29/10/06 Juliette Capulette is a real muse of this site! Her new marvellous pictures were added!

20/10/06 New wonderful pictures by Juliette Capulette were added. They are necessary to look through for every Ridj-fun! And not only... =)
The supply of the photos of the already mentioned musical "Romeo et Juliette" has been replenished. You can look through new photos here.
A new funny picture is in the part called "Romeo et Juliette: Fun by Juliette Capulette"!

09/10/06 Today this site is 4 years, and it痴 not so little for such a project. To compare, I値l give you information about the site now and two years ago, in 2004:

Parameter2004 2006
Number of pages127371
Number of files 1300 2550
Total size, MBs25100

And it痴 excluding 15 wml-pages, where you can download midi-versions of the songs from the two musicals for almost 2 years!
Since this year an English version of the site is available!
I wish I had at least some time for working on this project, because it痴 become something very important for me and different moments of my and not only my life are connected with it, but from year to year I have less and less free time...
I also hope that you値l continue sending your works again and again so as to make this site update more frequently!
In my turn, I値l think about creating new parts, though in this year you can already look through a new part, called photos. Ideally, I値l remake the site with PHP and Mysql and make a new guest book.
Well, in a year we値l see what will come true, what not
And now - presents, because every birthday is nothing without them! Juliette Capulette has presented 7 wonderful pictures! Also some new photos of the French version of Romeo and Juliet were added.

01/10/06 Juliette Capulette continues to make us happy with her works!
New wallpapers are added, also I've made a page with her wonderful pictures, and I advice all of you looking through them!
All this you can find in Creativity!
New photos of the performers of the French version of "Romeo et Juliette" are added.
We should also thank Juliette Capulette for having sent them!

22/09/06 New works by Juliette Capulette!
And a new page, called "Romeo and Juliet: fun" was created. There you can enjoy funny images sent also by Juliette Capulette!

15/09/06 A huge amount of new works by Juliette Capulette was added!

02/09/06 Juliette Capulette sent her new works!
Also, look through my photos of: Dresden, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Tivoli (Villa d'Este), Assize, and Salzburg! Enjoy!

02/08/06 Juliette Capulette sent her new works!

01/08/06 More new works by Juliette Capulette are in Creativity, where you can look through all her works.

31/07/06 Now there is a new guestbok on this site! You're welcome!!

30/07/06 I was thinking what to put on the site and decided to publish the photos of my native sity, Saint-Petersburg (part 1, part 2), and also the pictures of Petergof, that I've taken during my endless walkings around my beloved sity!
I hope you'll like them!
As you've noticed, a new part of the site is now available - "Photos". I'll be putting all my photos there.
I added a link to my Livejournal to the main page of the site; now my new nickname is - ndparis and according to it, I've got a new email -; I changed my nickname on all the pages of the site and also I updated my biography.
Ciao! =)

29/07/06 New works by Juliette Capulette are in Creativity - Les Rois du Monde.

28/07/06 Well, it's the first update of the site in this year, shame on me! =)
So, we all should thank Juliette Capulette, for having sent her wonderful works - wallpapers and pictures to the musical "Romeo et Juliette"!
I've just returned from Italy, where I've taken a lot of good pictures and I decided to put some of them on the site! Enjoy - here they are!
Well, I advice you to visit Creativity!
By the way, some time ago I decided to get a livejournal, so you're welcome to it: Good luck!

07/12/05 New Russian translation of the song Déchiré (musical "Notre Dame de Paris") made by Abdulin Yevgeniy.

05/12/05 New photos of Helene Segara were added to the photogallery - part 4. Thanks to Esmeral'dus'ka.

09/10/05 Two lyrics - "Pros'ba o venchanii" ("Par amour") and "Kak zhal'" (no analogue in the French version of "Romeo et Juliette") added to to the page with Russian libretto of the musical.

09/10/05 Well, three years ago began the history of this site. So today is the birthday:)) As a present, I've put a parody on "Belle" in Creativity.

07/08/05 In creativity - a song "Ti gibel' moya" performed by m-eur Frollo.

27/07/05 In creativity - a song "Slyzhit' Bogy i lubit' zhensh'iny" performed by m-eur Frollo.

22/06/05 From today the site is accessible in two languages - in English and in Russian!

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