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Luck Plamandon is the author of the lyrics of the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”.

His lucky childhood Luck spent on the farm of his parents, his youth has passed in the provincial capital in Quebec. At 16 Luck has got acquainted with the theatre, and since that time he has begun dreaming about playing on stage. In Quebec Luck has got a bachelor's degree on pedagogic, then he spent a year studying on the philological faculty in Montreal, one year on the faculty of the history of arts in the school of Louvre, three years on faculty of modern philology in London (Luck listens to Beatles and Stones); he has also been to Berlin, Madrid and Rome, where Luck studies opera. Luck liked to travel. He has visited Greece, India and Mexico. At the same time, secretly, he was preparing his own songs. During the stay in New-York, Luck decided that he was to write musicals. Luck returned to Montreal at the beginning of the 1970, he began to write lyrics for famous Quebecois singers – from Diane Dufresne to Robert Charlebois. In France Julien Clerc Catherine Lara have addressed to Luck to write lyrics. Celine Dion devoted to Luck her album that was released in 1991, "Des mots qui sonnent". More than 1 500 000 copies sold.

But the most famous masterpiece of Luck Plamandon is rock-opera "Starmania" (music by Michel Berger). The first performance took place in 1979 in Palais des Congres in Paris. The director of the play was Tom O'Horgan; in 1988 people watched "Starmania" in Theatre de Paris; in 1989 in Marigny. The new production of the rock-opera took place in 1993 in Mogador Theatre. The author was Lewis Furey, and this production has won three “Victoires de la musique”. In 1998-1999 was the sixth season of "Starmania". Among the performers were Daniel Balavoine, France Gall, Claude Dubois, Diane Dufresne, Fabienne Thibeault, Maurane and Bruno Pelletier. In 1992 an English version of the rock-opera was released. The author of the lyrics - Tim Rice, in recording took part Cyndi Lauper, Celine Dion, Peter Kingsbery, Tom Jones, Kim Carnes and Nina Hagen. More than 3 million people have watched "Starmania" on stage and more than 5 millions copies were sold.

Among other works of Luck Plamandon are: the working on “Lily Passion” with Barbara, the performance was staged in “Zenith” in Paris in 1984, the director was Pierre Strosser. In 1985 the opera “Dioxine de carbone et son rayon rose” was staged in Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, with Diane Dufresne, the conductor was Hans Peter Cloos. The year 1990 – the opera “La Legende de Jimmy”, the second work of Luck Plamandon and Michel Berger. “La Legende de Jimmy” was performing for six months in Mogador Theatre, in the performance took part Diane Tell, Tom Novembre, Renaud Hantson and Nanette Workman, the director - Jerome Savary. In 1991 was released the album "Sand et les Romantiques" withCatherine Lara, Veronique Sanson, Maurane, Daniel Lavoie and Richard Cocciante. 1998 – the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" (with Richard Cocciante).

Luck Plamandon is a chevalier of the Quebec Order and the chevalier of the Order of the Honor legion in France.


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