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Bruno Pelletier was born on 7th of August, 1962 in Charlesbourg, he is a Quebec artist, but known on both sides of Atlantic. Hes become popular in France after taking part in the musical Notre Dame de Paris.

Hes been making his career for more than 15 years. Bruno has a very beautiful voice, he is an ambitious person. In his youth, Bruno was dead keen on music and he became a composer fast. He met different groups (like Sneak Preview), singing in English and after he founded his own group, Pell.

In 1992 Bruno started solo career and his first solo album was released. This album had some success. That year Luck Plamondon has proposed him a role in the rock opera, La legende de Jimmy. Hes performed in this rock opera for 50 times in Quebec and Montreal. From this rock-opera Brunos taken the song Mourir comme lui, which was quite popular.

In 1993 he was proposed to play Johnny Rockfort in Starmania. Hes played the leader of the gang of terrorists, The black stars for 2 years in Paris, in the Mogador theatre. The second album of Bruno Pelletier was released in 1995 (Defaire lamour). This album was successful and Bruno had a tour in 1996. But he became more popular in 1997 with his third album, Miserere. This album was twice platinum in Canada. He took part in a serial about the police - Omerta. This serial was very popular in Canada.

In 1998 Bruno was proposed a role of poet Gringoire in the musical Notre Dame de Paris. During the French tour of Notre Dame de Paris he had to take off the costume of Gringoire and take part in his tour in Canada. He united with the troupe of Notre Dame de Paris in Quebec.

His next albums were released in 2000 (Dautres rives) and in 2001 (Sur scene).

Bruno Pelletier has received a lot of awards, and hes deservedly called, the Golden voice of Quebec.

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