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My name is Jura and I was born on 6th of November, 1988 in the city of Saint-Petersburg. You can contact with me by mail, by ICQ: 311764873, or by my LiveJournal. In this part of the site I’d like to tell about my hobbies.

More than a year ago I graduated from my school and an adult life began. I can’t say that it was an easy thing for me to enter the university, but I’ve entered a very good one and I’m content with it! Also I understood one very important thing – if you decided to do something, you should never stop half-way, you should go towards your aim despite the difficulties that can appear on your way!

While reading my old biography, I came to a conclusion that it should be changed in some way. 'Cause when people grow up, their hobbies and interests change also, however I can’t say that my interests have changed a lot.

  • I still love to listen to French singers; I like musicals, the groups Roxette and Tatu. Recently for myself I’ve discovered a Japanese music. In the last times I often download one or two songs of one or another performer and I find songs which I’m really keen on. So as to say – every singer has at least one good song! =)
  • I play the piano not so frequently as I’d love to, because the lack of time leaves its' mark. Nevertheless, I found free time to go to a party or to go for a walk =)
  • Except English, Swedish and French I’ve just started learning German!
  • Still I haven’t forgot how to read! =) Hugo, Dumas, Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky, Ouruell, Zamyatin – there is one more very interesting writer that I’ve discovered recently – Dan Brown. That was very interesting for me to visit Rome after reading his “Angels and Demons”!
  • My passion for traveling hasn’t died yet! Except going abroad (I’ve been to a lot of very interesting countries – France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland and Hungary. However, I haven’t been to Scandinavia, and I’m dreaming of going there!) I more often walk around Petersburg and its’ suburbs than before!
  • Sometimes I watch TV. Mainly news and “ER”. =) I’m dead keen on good quality horror films, thrillers and psychological movies, which sometimes I buy, but more often I borrow then from somebody. =)
  • But a communication with my friends brings me the most satisfaction in this life!

  • The look on "Notre Dame de Paris" through the windows of the Photoshop
  • My translation of "Notre Dame de Paris" into Swedish language
  • Melodies for mobile phones
  • My translation of the song "Le monde est Stone" into Swedish
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