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Patrick Fiori was born on 23rd December, 1969 in Marseilles, but he spent his childhood on Corsica. Patrick is a second of five children in his family. The music became Patrick’s passion at the age of five, when he began to sing at family’s feasts.
At 13 he song in the choir in the musical "La legende des santoniers de Provence". After this he’s been taking part in different musical contests and he’s won many of them.
At the age of 18 Patrick has won seven times at a stretch in programs by Leon Zitrone. In 1987 Patrick took part in the tour of Gilbert Montagne.
In 1992 he’s taken the first prize at "Les francophonie” in East Pyrenees, by singing the song "Au fil de l'eau".
In 1993 he was representing France at musical contest “Eurovison” , and he took the forth place, performing the song "Mama Corsica" by Francois Valerie.
In 1994 Patrick released his first album "Puisque c'est l'heure". In 1997 he was taken to play the role of Fhoebus in the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”.
In May, 1998, was released the first version of his album "Prends-moi". After the second version of "Prends-moi" were released albums “Chrysalide” (April, 2000) and “Patrick Fiori” (The end of October, 2002).
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