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Garou, whose real name is Pierre Garand, was born on 26th of June, 1972 in Sherbrooke, Canada. His father was keen on music.
In his teens, friends of Pierre began to call him “Garou” (which in French means “werewolf, monster”, because of his temper, his love of night life. In 1992 Pierre was helping his friend with the concert at bar, and Louis Alary (his friend) asked him to sing two or three songs on stage, and Garou immediately got a contract! Later, Garou and his friends gave a name to their band, "Garou and The Untouchables" ("Garou et les Intouchables" in French). They gave a lot of performances, they prefered the style Rhythm’s Blues, while Garou also sang French and Spanish songs. He also can play the guitar, the piano and the trumpet.
One day, Luck Plamondon came into the bar where Garou was singing and he liked Garou’s songs and invited him to play the role of Quasimodo in the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”.
Garou became very popular in Quebec and France, when he was doing the promotion of album “Notre Dame de Paris” and the single “Belle”.
On the first of September, 1998, Garou received his first award, Grand Coup De Coeur; Prix Platine, awarded by Quebec radio; Rock Detente. Le Felix de la Revelation awarded Garou on the ceremony l'Adisq, on 31 octobre, 1999.
He’s released two albums. The first, “Garou” includes different French songs (written by Luck Plamondon and other famous French).
Also Garou played Quasimodo in London version of Notre Dame de Paris (the album was released in February, 2000).
His second album, “Reviens” was released in 2004.
Except these two albums, a lot of singles were released. Also we can find on CDs a live version of Garou’s concert at Bercy.

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