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Daniel Lavoie was born on 17 of march, 1949 in Dunrea (Manitoba). He lived in Quebec for some years. He is married and he has three children. He is one of the artists of the project, known on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
In France he is known owning to his song “Ils s’aiment” (2 million copies in the world) , and also because of performing the role of Eugene Delacroix in "Sand et les Romantiques", authors - C. Lara and Luc Plamondon. Also he received a lot of awards on Victoires de la Musique for gis albums ( "Tension, attention"...)
Very actiff, he composes a lot of songs for other artists – Luce Dufault, Claude Gauthier, Lara Fabian (Pure)...
Also he’s written a lot of music for films, his last work was for the movie "Ludovic: une poupee dans la neige" by Co Hoedeman.
He’s written song for children, which unite in albums "Bebe Dragon".
His albums for children will be issued if France in the near future.
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