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Surname: Rizzo
Name: Helene
Pseudonyme : Helene Segara
The date of birth: 26th February, 1971
Where: Six-Fours-les-Plages in Vare, between Marseilleand Toulon
The mark of zodiac: Pisces
The colour of eyes: Nut
The colour of hair: Chestnut
The growth: 1 m 60 cm.
Parents: Bernar and Thereza; the father - an Italian, the mother - an Armenian
Pets: 3 cats, the rabbit and the seagull
The place of living: Paris VIII
The marital status: Single. Her parents are divorced; Helene has a sister, Magalie. Helen also has a sun, Rafael (was born in 1990)
Her qualities: Generous, romantic, true, ardent, impressionable, she achieves the perfection in everything.
Ske likes: The South's cuisine, animals, playing cards.
She hates: The sigarets, the Alcohol, the violence, lie, hypocrisy.
An ideal man: Honest, clever and funny.
The languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian. She is for mixture of cultures.
Favourite colours: Black and pastel tones.
Special token: She collects the hats.
The talisman:Wedding ring of her parents. This is the amulet, which has a great importance for Helene.
The favourite films: Helene is very keen on films: "On the road to Madison", "The person, whispered in horses' ears", "The city of angels", "Meeting with Joe Black", "The green line".
The favourite performers: Francis Cabrel, Gino Vanneli, Freddy Mercury, Barbara Steinsand, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, The Police, Steevie Wonder.
Her dream: To buy a small island, with dolphins, wolfs and other animals, to settle there her friends and to be under the care of the whole world.

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